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Clarksville Cookbook Benefits Their Triumph Statue 

We are looking for women of grace and renown to honor in the 2020 Cookbook Commemorating 100 Years of Votes for Women. OH, MY WHY a COOKBOOK?  In 1886, The Woman Suffrage Cookbook was compiled by Hattie A. Burr, with recipes from many elite women of the time. Cookbooks of the past are more than recipes, they are histories of churches, communities, and civic organizations. This can also be a record of involvement in the 2020 Vision Celebration of 100 Years and all the shoulders on which we stand. 

Everyone is encouraged to honor mothers, daughters, family-like big sister and yourself by having your name/s and recipes in this book. You can use this e-mail to share with others and soon a note card and letter will be available at the Smith Trahern Mansion. Funds made will go toward the TN Triumph Statue 

There is a new twist to this fundraiser. You don’t need to burn your fingers or dirty a mixing bowl. You are asked to contribute what you would have spent on your best main dish, salad, bread, dessert, appetizer; etc. Now you are to double that recipe for the total donation for each recipe you contribute. Example: Apple Pecan Pie cost $7.50, and if I double that recipe it would be a $15 donation. You also have the opportunity to write a 30-word statement about the owner of the recipe. 


Name of Recipe:_________________

  • Recipe
  • Recipe (Name of person) ___________ (30 word statement)____________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ________________.
  • $ amount for doubled recipe $____________.


BRING YOUR $$s and Recipes with The Celebration continues 

  • For all those who contribute a recipe on Monday, August 20, at either 2:30 and or at 5:30, there will be an awesome program about the local women of grace and renown at Smith Trahern Mansion 101 McClure Street.
  • You can mail the recipe and $$ to Smith Trahern Mansion Commemorative Cookbook at P.O. Box 852, Clarksville, TN 37041

Please send your recipe and30-word bio to mmpile@utk.edu or if you can bring the recipe on a jump drive in a word document we can download it the night of the event. The committee feels that this will help reduce errors.

There will be a great deal of history about local women involved in securing the votes for women and pictures from the past and also from things that have happened in preparation of this celebration. We hope the Cookbook will be on sale before Christmas 2018, and if not, early in 2019. It is also recommended that we start collecting the FIRSTS For Women; The first principal, police officer, city council member, newspaper editor, judge, lawyer, banker and have one of their recipes if possible. If you have a first and want to share it, you can send it to mmpile@utk.edu or better yet have her enter a recipe or a friend or family member to do it to honor her.

NOTICE: This fundraiser for our Montgomery County Statue for Votes for Women is sponsored by Sango Family and Community Education Club-Pat Woods President (volunteers with UT Extension FCS) and we need everyone’s help to make it a success. Sango fce does reserve the rights to edit information if needed.